At a baptism (also known as a ‘Christening’) a person begins their life in Christ.  Through baptism they are called to encounter Christ through His Church and to begin their pilgrimage to the promised land of heaven with their sins forgiven.

The Sacrament of Baptism is normally celebrated on request on Sundays outside of Lent at 12.30 at St. Margaret Mary and 1.00 pm at Christ the King.  Parents should request baptism in person from Fr. Michael (baptisms will not be arranged under any circumstance over the telephone or by email) and complete an application form.

Before the celebration of the sacrament parents are obliged to attend a course of instruction.

Some things to bear in mind before requesting baptism:

  • The  application form should be completed and returned at least FOUR WEEKS before the proposed date of baptism. 
  • There will be a period of preparation prior to the baptism which take the form of informal meetings – both parents are expected to attend these meetings.
  • It is an ancient Christian tradition to place each newly Baptised child under the care and protection of a patron saint.  At least one of the names given to the child should be that of a saint.
  • The parents are responsible in the sight of God for the religious upbringing of the child.  In presenting their child for baptism they are declaring their readiness to accept this responsibility i.e. to bring their child up as a practicing Catholic.  Parents who are careless in their practice of their faith must give this serious thought. 
  • Parents are encouraged to attend the Sunday celebration of Mass in the parish - if you haven’t attended Mass for a while then chat to one of the priests about how you could go about starting again.
  • Both parents should be present at the baptism, even though one may not be a Catholic.
  • There must be at least one Godparent, preferably two (but no more than four); as it is the duty of the godparents to assist the parents in the religious training of the child, one godparent must be a practicing Catholic. 
  • It is customary to make a financial offering to the church on these occasions.

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